“Let’s Go Lesbians”: Some Genius Mashed Captain America With ‘Billy On The Street’

"Here we go, lesbians. Come on!"

Captain America

Imagine if underneath Captain America’s pure and wholesome exterior ran the deranged internal monologue of Billy Eichner? That’s what a genius internet user has theorised for us.

Excellent Twitter person @homeisarealsong apparently got bored and took some audio from comedian Billy Eichner’s Billy On The Street and put it over a scene from Captain America: Civil War.

If you’re not familiar with Billy on the Street, it’s basically just Billy Eichner (who you might recognise from Parks and Rec amongst other things) running around New York and yelling at people about things.

Highlights include when he ran around finding out if people would sleep with Paul Rudd, while Paul Rudd was running next to him, or when he played the iconic game ‘It’s Not Pitbull — It’s Amy Poehler!’

Basically he’s just extremely tall and loud and gay and wild-eyed and it’s comedy genius.

So — now that you know who Billy Eichner is, HERE’S HIS VOICE COMING FROM CAPTAIN AMERICA. It’s very funny.

It’s so funny that both Billy Eichner AND Captain America enjoyed it. That’s about it, it’s just very funny. Let’s go, lesbians. Let’s go lesbians indeed.