An Anti Same-Sex Marriage Group Is Boycotting A Britney Spears Perfume, Which Seems Misguided

A fundamental misunderstanding of how boycotts work.

Britney Spears

Off the bat of performing at Brighton Pride to an audience of 57,000 people, Britney Spears has become the target of a anti-LGBTI boycott.

The August 5 performance was the first of Spears’ Europe leg of her ‘Piece Of Me’ tour, and to celebrate/make money, Spears released a Pride-edition version of her perfume ‘Fantasy’. Parts of the proceeds go to LGBTI organisation GLAAD.

This rainbow box caught the eye of anti-LGBTI Facebook page “1,000,000 Supporting Traditional Marriage”, which, by the by, has around 151,000 likes.

In-between memes about how small children are being indoctrinated into the Gay Agenda, they posted a rallying cry to boycott the incredibly gay perfume that they’d definitely normally buy in droves. While many of the comments are supportive, some Spears fans have found the page after the boycott was first reported on by NME.

As one Britney fan points out, she’s probably not too scared. “Boycotts only work when you have have the numbers. 1,000,000 supporting traditional marriage?,” they write. “Looks like y’all are 999,850 people short. 150,000 that’s only 00.15% of her global record sales.”

To be fair, the rules of the boycott have not been specified — perhaps they’ll hit Spears where it really hurts. Currently, it’s unclear whether these anti-same sex marriage campaigners be able to continue enjoying Spears’ extensive line of 20+ scents, including ‘Prerogative’, ‘Maui Fantasy’ and ‘VIP Private Room’?

We hope that Spears’ sales aren’t haemorrhaging, and that the queer community can recover from this blow. We here at Music Junkee are going to show our support by listening to Ms. Spears on repeat to get up those streaming royalties — we even have the perfect song in mind.