’Succession’s Brian Cox Heads To Sydney And Melbourne To Reflect On “The Evil In All Of Us”

Prepare to be told to f*ck off in person, I guess.

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Logan Roy, I mean, Brian Cox, is headlining both the Melbourne Writers’ Festival (MWF) and Sydney’s Antidote festival, so prepare to be told to fuck off in person, I guess.

Cox, who came up as a stage actor, is now well-known for his role as media mogul (and shitty father) Logan Roy in HBO’s Succession, in a critically-lauded role that earned him a Golden Globe in 2020. An announcement made by the MWF earlier this week revealed the international lineup appearing alongside the Scottish actor include US actor and comedian Jenny Slate, British-Pakistani author Mohsin Hamid, and former lead singer of the English band Pulp, Jarvis Cocker.

It looks as though Cox’s shows will be different depending on whether you see him in Melbourne or Sydney. At MWF, we’ll be getting a deep dive into the actor’s recent memoir, Putting The Rabbit In The Hat, which tracks his journey from growing up in a working class family in Scotland, to becoming the formidable stage actor and household name he is today.

His show at Sydney’s Antidote Festival, however, sounds pointedly more ominous, as it will involve Brian “dissecting the art of villainy” and reflecting on the evil in us all.

“Brian Cox’s depiction of the tyrannical media patriarch, Logan Roy in the television series Succession, embodies the mixture of repulsion and envy felt towards the ultra-rich elites,” reads Antidote’s website. “Few other actors have captured the essence of evil and its twin, power, giving us such magnificent insight into characters who exert control over our lives.”

“Join us as Cox takes the stage to discuss Succession, his body of work, and its dissection of power. This will be a brilliant event that celebrates the actor’s unmatched ability to fulfil characters that carry within them rage, fury and frightening acts of cruelty.”

Yep, we will see you there.

The Melbourne Writers Festival runs from September 8–11. The full program will be announced on July 27. Tickets are available hereSydney’s Antidote Festival takes place on September 11. Tickets go on sale on July 1.

Photo credit: Melbourne Writers Festival