“Fuck That Guy”: This Jared Leto Takedown From The Creator Of ‘BoJack Horseman’ Is Incredible

"The coolest thing Jared Leto ever did was get punched in the face by Edward Norton in Fight Club."

BoJack Horseman

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Our inaugural Video Junkee festival last weekend was stacked with exciting people. Yael Stone from Orange Is The New Black gave a searing monologue about storytelling in the 21st century; the cast and crew of Cleverman talked about Batcaves and race in Australian TV; the Bronsons from Round The Twist got out-nerded by superfans.

If you missed it, we’ll have more coverage in the coming days, but for the moment I’m going to direct your attention to one exciting moment and one exciting person in particular: Raphael Bob-Waksberg, the creator and showrunner of BoJack Horseman.

In conversation with Marc Fennell, Bob-Waksberg talked about the specifics of his absurd and hilarious show, the often heavy themes it explores, and the TV industry at large. Then, without any real prompting, he absolutely eviscerated Academy Award-winning actor Jared Leto in a takedown that I will remember to my grave.

During an extended audience Q&A, a fan asked the show’s creator if there were any celebrities he really loves to roast. BoJack is famous for its Hollywood parodies, satire and real-world cameos.

“We have a line in the new season about Jared Leto,” Bob-Waksberg responded. “Because like, fuck that guy… My line on Jared Leto, which is not in the show, just what I say about him in conversations is, ‘The coolest thing Jared Leto ever did was get punched in the face by Edward Norton in Fight Club.”

It just got better from there.

Please enjoy the full response:

“He really… he bugs the shit out of me. His whole thing with the ‘we’re bad guys, we’re good guys’ Joker whatever bleurgh bullshit.. He would send, like, used condoms and dead pigs to the other actors as like a weird method thing. It’s like, how does that help anything? What are you doing?

“You respect the character of the Joker so much. You have to inhabit him. And he’s literally the worst Joker we’ve seen. There have been so many and you’re the worst. You think that helped?

“BY THE WAY, PS, ALSO, when he was in the Dallas Buyers’ Club playing a trans character who died of AIDS — not a real person, but still — he would do interviews and say, ‘What a glorious creature’. It’s not a fucking creature! It’s a person, you asshole. He’d make jokes like ‘I had to shave my legs, tee hee’. It’s not cute, you idiot.

“So, fuck him.

“You’re gonna watch the new season now, waiting for the Jared Leto line — and it’s in the very end, it’s like the last episode and it’s barely anything — and you’re gonna be like, ‘That’s all he said?’

“So like Eric McCormack, I got nothing about him, but when you hear the Jared Leto line, know that I meant it.”

We’ll be releasing more footage from Video Junkee — including the full chat with Raphael Bob-Waksberg — shortly. Stay tuned. The new season of BoJack Horseman also hits Netflix on September 8.