All The Burning Questions We Have After ‘Avengers: Endgame’

Where is Loki?

Avengers: Endgame burning questions

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Avengers: Endgame answered a lot of questions we had after Avengers: Infinity War (namely: how the hell are they gonna restore all those lost lives and defeat Thanos?!).

Warning: this post contains spoilers.

It also brought to an end a story arc that started 11 years ago with the very first MCU movie, Iron Man. Tony Stark and Steve Rogers’ stories wrapped up, and the original Avengers line-up died with them.

But while Avengers: Endgame was very much about providing a sense of closure, there were some loose threads hanging — many that were intentional, setting up for the future of the MCU, but others that perhaps weren’t.

Here are some of the most burning questions we need answered…

 1. Exactly where does the post-credits scene from Captain Marvel fit into the Avengers: Endgame timeline?

The post-credits scene makes it seem like Carol surprises the Avengers at their compound. She immediately asks about Fury. We don’t see this scene at all in Avengers: Endgame — the first we see of Carol is actually when she’s rescuing Tony and Nebula in space.

Are we meant to assume she went looking for them after learning about everything from the gang at the Avengers compound? How did she even find them? And how did she then get them back to Earth all by herself?

I know she’s powerful, but it seems like A LOT.

2. Speaking of Captain Marvel, why was she so absent from the movie?

I get the Avengers: Endgame was a send-off for the original heroes, but they really made it seem like Carol would be a central figure.

After all, Nick beeped her in the post-credits scene in Avengers: Infinity War, and then her own movie was released just before Avengers: Endgame, leading many to believe she’d be key to defeating Thanos.

But while she got a couple of cool scenes, she was actually barely in the movie.

3. If Thanos has destroyed the Infinity Stones in the present timeline, won’t that have huge implications for, you know, the universe?

The Ancient One tells Bruce about how the stones control cosmic forces and that removing even one would create a dark parallel universe.

So, uh, what does removing ALL of them from existence do?

Is that why Widow was asking Okoye about the oceanic tectonic disturbances near Wakanda? Or is that a little foreshadowing for Black Panther 2?

4. How exactly does time travel work in the MCU?

I know Bruce and Nebula explain that it doesn’t work like it does “in the movies”, and by travelling into the past, that past becomes your future and blah blah blah…but seriously, it still makes no sense to me?!

It feels like the Russos were just trying to avoid accusations of plot holes and give the characters the ability to travel into the past without any consequences. I mean, how does Nebula kill her past self but remain alive?

How do the Avengers kill past Thanos without erasing any of his Infinity War actions? Doesn’t Cap staying in the past and growing old dramatically alter the timeline, especially in relation to SHIELD?

Basically, the Russos have removed all stakes from their own universe, and it makes no sense.

5. While we’re on the subject of Cap’s life in the past — how did he resist interfering in events?

I know Steve wanted to grow old with Peggy. But he’s not the type of person to stand by while people are struggling or need help (and neither is Peggy, for that matter). Steve would have a detailed knowledge of everything that was going to happen. How did he not try to prevent bad things?

As much as I loved him getting his dance with Peggy, it opens up a lot of plot holes.

6. How does Nebula bring Thanos, his ship, and his whole army from the past?

That…doesn’t seem to be how the time machine/the Quantum Realm works? Does she just, like, hack it?

 7. Couldn’t they just use time travel to bring back dead characters?

Since time travel apparently has no consequences on the present, can’t the Avengers just use it to go to the moment before each hero dies and then yeet them back into the present?

I mean, that’s how Gamora was brought back and will remain alive in future movies. And Loki used the Tesseract in the past to escape, with no effect on the original timeline. So couldn’t they just go back and save Nat and Tony — and every other hero who has fallen before, for that matter?

8. Were all of Peter Parker’s friends dusted too?

I assume the gang are all showing up in the next Spider-Man, which means they all need to have stayed the same age.

With the five-year time jump, if they hadn’t been snapped out of existence, they’d now be well out of high school. Hopefully this is addressed in the next movie.

9. Was bringing everyone back five years later really the best idea?

I get that Tony didn’t want to risk his daughter’s existence, but bringing back everyone from the dead after a five-year gap, as opposed to just reversing the Snap from ever happening (which surely they could have done), seems like it would still have catastrophic consequences.

Like, didn’t the world fall apart in the interval? Everyone coming back are returning to lives and people who would have been irreparably broken (or perhaps lost forever) as a result of the trauma of being left behind. How can anyone move on from this?

And will the MCU continue to address it, or just act like it never happened?

10. If Cap returned all the Infinity Stones, does that mean he had an encounter with Red Skull?

It feels like a missed opportunity to skip a reunion scene with Cap’s original foe.

11. Is Thor going to be in the Guardians franchise now?

As much as I love their interactions, he feels like too big a character (and no, I’m not talking about that appalling “fat Thor” plotline) to just slot in there permanently.

12. What the hell happened to Loki after he escaped 2012 with the Tesseract?

I guess this will be answered in his upcoming show.

13.  Did Cap ever tell Peggy that he made out with her great-niece?

That would have been an awkward conversation.

 14. Why does Hulk!Bruce wear clothes but not shoes?

I assume he gets everything custom made…so why not footwear?

15. Finally, can Hulk!Bruce fuck?

This is the question that will haunt me the most.

Jenna Guillaume is a Sydney-based writer who loves all things TV and pop culture. She tweets @JennaGuillaume, and her new book, ‘What I Like About Me’ is available now.