Loki And Scarlet Witch Are Getting Their Own TV Series: Here’s Everything We Know

Some of our favourite Marvel characters are coming to TV.

Picture of Loki from Thor: Ragnarok -- preview of the new Loki TV Series

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It looks like some of our favourite Marvel Cinematic Universe characters – along with the original talent – are making the shift to the small screen, with their own TV series 0n Disney’s new streaming service. That means we’ll be seeing a Loki TV series soon, which is sure to get the stans excited.

In an exclusive for Variety, it’s been revealed that some hugely popular characters from The Avengers films, such as Loki and the Scarlet Witch, will be among a bunch of new standalone TV series. There’s no word yet on which characters will definitely be included, but we can be reasonably sure that it will be those who haven’t already had their own films.

This gives us a huge smorgasbord of beloved characters from the immense spread of the MCU to choose from. Can you imagine a Valkyrie TV series, where she wanders around Sakaar drinking heaps and beating people up? Or a Killmonger prequel show, where he is hot and does crime?

It kinda looks like nothing is impossible because Disney is clearly pumping an obscene amount of money into this project, as big ol’ Hollywood actors like Tom Hiddleston and the non-twin Olsen are not the type to slum it in TV land without a fucktonne of cash. But it’s good logic — I will absolutely be getting their streaming service purely for whatever these shows end up being.

Each new series is expected to include six to eight episodes. Variety reports that Marvel Studios will produce the shows and MCU king-pin Kevin Feige will also be on board.

Naturally, nerds like me are extremely excited. Marvel’s Netflix shows are great (some of them), but kinda shoot themselves in the foot by not being more engaged with the larger Marvel universe. These are gonna have some SCOPE.