AURORA’s Triple J Interview About Cashews, Birds, And Yowies Lives Rent-Free In My Mind

Despite their best efforts, Ben and Liam could not contain AURORA's delightful stream of consciousness.

triple j aurora interview photo

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Nearly two years ago, in late May 2019, Norwegian pop singer AURORA dropped by triple j for a stab at Like A Version.

It wasn’t Aurora Aksnes’ first time doing the segment — she’d previously appeared in 2017 for an excellent cover of Massive Attack’s ‘Teardrop’, which went on to be the second most watched LAV of the year.

This time around she delivered a magical cover of The Beatles’ ‘Across The Universe’, but perhaps of more importance was the accompanying interview she gave to triple j, which was perhaps the most unexpectedly chaotic and delightful five minutes of footage triple j have ever captured.

For starters, there’s the topics she manages to traverse, which includes, but is certainly not limited to, the following: Why she’s too busy masturbating and cooking to watch her music videos, the smell of her new bookcase, her desperation for smile lines, her cashew nut allergy, why she continues to eat cashews regardless of the allergy, Yowie’s, and the sounds of various Australian birds.

Then there’s the way she talks — the lilting and clipped Nordic accent flowing in a complete stream of consciousness. It’s like Luna Lovegood has dropped right into Ultimo.

Then-triple j breakfast hosts Ben and Liam try to keep the interview moving forward, but to no avail — despite their best efforts, AURORA leaves them in the dust. Towards the end of the chat, when she leans forward excitedly to discuss Yowie’s further, they simply cannot find a way through, and the interview abruptly ends.

Putting it simply, it’s just five minutes of completely wonderful viewing. Tuck into it below.