Never Forget The Time Matt & Alex Pulled The Most Brutal Prank In Aus Radio History

In 2014, Kyran Wheatley was woken at 5.30am and told to bolt to the triple j studios to cover for Matt & Alex. There was just one catch.

matt and alex prank photo

We’ve taken a bit of a walk down radio memory lane recently, revisiting some segments and pranks that still make us chuckle every time we remember them.

There was the ‘India’ prank from 2006, in which dozens of listeners called up 2SM’s Graeme Gilbert and annoyed the hell out of him by answering ‘India’ to every question on the nightly quiz. Then there was Hamish and Andy discovering the ‘greatest guy in Australia’, after they asked a bloke named James to give a job reference for someone he’d never met — and he pulled it off with aplomb.

Now, we’ve dived back into the triple j archives to uncover one of Matt and Alex’s best shit-stirring moments. Back in 2014, the duo decided to give weekend breakfast presenter Kyran Wheatley a rude wake up call, as payback for him waking Alex up the weekend before.

The duo’s producer Ollie Wards gave the “hungover” Wheatley a call at 5.30am, asking him to urgently fill in for Matt and Alex, who were “sick”. Wheatley sprints into the ABC offices in Ultimo, and presents a full hour of radio in place of the duo. Except he didn’t, really — Matt and Alex were really presenting the real show in a separate studio in the building, and Wheatley was speaking to a grand total of…no one.

Adding insult to injury, Matt and Alex instruct listeners to text in and deliberately get Kyran’s name wrong, and call him up pretending to be hapless listeners. After an hour of Wheatley broadcasting to no one, the duo finally burst in and relieve him of his duties.

Watch the whole thing go down here: