The ‘Are You In The Right Headspace?’ Meme Is The Funniest Way To Break Bad News

Are you in the right headspace to receive information that could possibly hurt you?

Are You In The Right Headspace? meme

The past month has been huge for the topic of emotional labour and friendship.

The discourse kicked off two weeks ago with a social justice advocate discussing the importance of “asking for consent for emotional labour“. At the end of her Twitter thread, Melissa A. Fabello shared a cold, robotic template for essentially rejecting friends who reach out for help.

Melissa’s copy-and-paste template ended up becoming a huge meme, with people criticising her for the transactional nature of her friendships. The “I’m At Capacity” meme turned into a great way to poke fun at the notion of self-care, but fizzled out after a couple of days.

The New ‘We Need To Talk’

Once the “I’m At Capacity” meme disappeared back into the the Twittersphere, another Twitter user decided to revive the emotional labour conversation.

“I just want to say, a lot of y’all dump information on your friends at the wrong time without their consent,” Yana tweeted. “If you know it’s something that could hurt them, ask permission before you decide to be messy. Please.”

The tweet was paired with a screenshot of a message that read: “Are you in the right headspace to receive information that could possibly hurt you?”

People weren’t exactly thrilled by the wording of Yana’s message, claiming that all it does is incite stress and anxiety.

While the sentiment was understood and supported, the general consensus was that the approach was all wrong.

Are You In The Right Headspace For These Memes?

So the internet obviously turned Yana’s unnecessarily dramatic message into one big meme. The “are you in the right headspace?” text perfectly slots into any situations where you might utter the words, “we need to talk”.

But all jokes aside, never start your messages like Yana unless you want to lose your friends.