The First Reviews Are In: ‘Aquaman’ Might Save The DC Universe

"Against all odds, I really dug 'Aquaman', which offers thrills chills and a whole lotta adventure for the whole family!"

Aquaman reviews

Aquaman hasn’t splashed his way into cinemas yet, but media have began seeing our big wet boy on the screen and are now sharing their learned opinions. And folks: the Aquaman reviews are good.

For a long time now, DC universe films have been like blood in the water to film critics, providing everyone with not only the opportunity, but the MANDATE, to go hog wild with snarky criticism (with the notable exception of Wonder Woman). How do they keep getting it so wrong?

I think it’s because they are both corny and shit?

Anyway, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman might change that — it seems just… fun? Plus it’s got an amazing cast.

Aquaman follows the story of Jason Momoa’s quest to unite the surface world with the undersea realm of Atlantis, mostly by punching and swimming.

Here’s the first reviews!

Aquaman hits cinemas in Australia on Boxing Day, and I am actually VERY EXCITED.