An Anti-Vaxx Nurse Cried About Having To Get Vaccinated And TikTok Turned It Into One Huge Joke

People have hijacked a Hillsong track to highlight just how ridiculous anti-vaxx nurses sound.

anti-vaxx nurse tiktok crying vaccinated vaccine mandates

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With the world starting to open back up again, many countries are recommending their citizens get vaccinated against COVID-19 to keep as many people out of hospital as possible.

But while the decision to get vaccinated comes down to personal preference for most, there are naturally some industries where up-to-date vaccinations are a non-negotiable. For example, those in the healthcare industry, who are on the front line dealing with the sick day in and day out.

However, even though medical professionals like nurses and doctors are fully aware that vaccines are mandatory while working in the health field, some nurses are very upset that hospitals are requiring proof of the COVID vaccine to stay employed.

Specifically, Kristen Hamilton, an American phlebotomist who previously went by @lilwildsawfly on TikTok before her account was banned at 151,000 followers, is so upset that she’s been moved to tears over her employer’s responsible decision to mandate vaccines for staff.

Dramatically set to Hillsong United’s ‘Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)’, Hamilton recorded herself driving and crying about her harrowing experience of being forced to *checks notes* do exactly what she knew working in healthcare required.

“It’s official!! I will be terminated by October 31 if I can’t get (any) exemption approved,” the phlebotomist started her 35-second TikTok as she forced tears to roll down her cheeks. “But I am going to FIGHT with EVERYTHING I’ve got!”

“I will fight for me. I will fight for you. I will fight for your children! I will fight for your children’s children,” she continued. “I love you all!! Here we go!!”

Hamilton clearly didn’t get the reaction she expected as TikTok was filled with backlash that called out the anti-vaxx hospital technician for not believing in science while gladly pursuing a career in a field that is *checks notes again* entirely based on science.

“If you don’t believe in science then you shouldn’t be a nurse. Bye,” one comment read. “There are thousands in nursing school right now that will step right in your place who believe in the science!” said another.

“Girl, you are going to be exempt from this world if you keep closing your eyes like that while you’re driving,” added someone else who noticed Hamilton was literally crying, recording a TikTok and driving at the same time. Ironic considering you’re actually 1400 times more likely to die in a car accident than you are from a COVID vaccine blood clot.

“This is a joke. Why would you be a nurse if you don’t believe in medicine!” another comment read. “Hey Alexa, play ‘Cry Me A River’ by Justin Timberlake.”

But beyond the comments under Hamilton’s TikTok absolutely shredding the phlebotomist to pieces, her dramatic forced tears and baffling message was even turned into its very own meme on the app, too.

Using the same Hillsong track, people started to dunk on selfish anti-vaxxers in the healthcare industry by sharing the  “unfair” (read: totally fair and logical) requirements that their jobs are asking of them.

For example, cooks in the hospitality industry, who are being ~forced~ to wash their hands after going to the toilet, are finally speaking out about the injustice they face. While mothers who don’t want to use car seats for their newborns are taking inspiration from Kristen Hamilton’s ~brave~ TikTok.

Hell, even doctors are fighting for their right to use anal beads at work while seeing patients because, as the anti-vaxxers love to selectively shout while still firmly being pro-life, “My body, my choice!!!”

Even actual nurses are weighing in on the trend by poking fun at how ridiculous the anti-vaxxers within the healthcare industry look — and we truly can’t help but stan the good nurses of TikTok.