An Anti-Vaxx Influencer Was Charged After Her Fake COVID Vaccine Card Scam Was Exposed On TikTok

'Anti Vax Momma' sold hundreds of fake cards and told her followers that the COVID vaccine was made to "sterilise children... to push the LGBTQ agenda".

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An anti-vaxxer, who went by the handle @AntiVaxMomma online, has been charged for allegedly selling hundreds of fake COVID-19 vaccination cards.

Jasmine Clifford — an anti-vaxx influencer from New Jersey, who had over 300,000 followers on her main Instagram account @5starjaziii — sold around 250 fake vaccination cards on Instagram for $200 each, according to Manhattan’s District Attorney’s Office.

Working in a group of 15 involved in the scam, Clifford was allegedly assisted by Nadayza Barkley, who worked in a medical clinic. Barkley helped enter at least 10 of these fraudulent records into New York’s vaccine database for an additional $250 charge.

Both Clifford and Barkley were charged with “offering a false instrument for filing in the first degree” and “conspiracy in the fifth degree”, while Clifford also had an additional charge of “criminal possession of a forged instrument in the second degree”.

Along with those responsible for the forged records, 13 people who bought the cards — and are all suspected to be working in “frontline and essential-employee settings, including hospitals and nursing homes” — were also charged with conspiracy and possession.

Unfortunately for “Anti Vax Momma” it was only a matter of time before her side gig of slinging fake COVID vaccine cards caught up to her. Clifford proudly advertised these fake cards online and wasn’t shy in sharing her baffling anti-vaxx sentiments to her 300,000 plus following.

For example, on the @antivaxmomma2 backup account, Clifford’s bio read “DM for religious exemption letters”. On her main account, Clifford let her followers know that she was looking to expand her team and sought out people who “have computer access [at] hospitals, CVS, etc” to DM her. When one person asked Anti Vax Momma why mandatory vaccines were being pushed, Clifford even shared that she thought vaccinations are “population control [to] sterilise the children so they can’t reproduce” which helps “push the LGBTQ agenda so that there are more homosexual children”.

Luckily Clifford was exposed by TizzyEnt, a person who regularly pulls people up on the terrible things they do online, on TikTok last week. In his video, TizzyEnt — whose real name is Michael McWhorter — posed as a Walgreen’s employee seeking out one of Clifford’s fradulent vax cards to find out more information about the scam.

Clifford freely shared that the fake vaccine records were entered through a “secure system” that was accessed “through the computer in the pharmacy”. When quizzed further, Clifford then revealed that she paid a nurse $100 for each person they input into the database to earn “like $10,000 a week”.

While making the video exposing Clifford, McWhorter shared that he also reached out to the FBI to flag the scam. But McWhorter was informed that the FBI had actually already been investigating the “Fake COVID-19 Vaccination Card Conspiracy” since June.

“We need companies like Facebook to take action to prevent the fraud happening on their platforms,” Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance said about the incident. “Making, selling, and purchasing forged vaccination cards are serious crimes with serious public safety consequences.”

But despite the anti-vaxx influencer pushing these fake vaccine cards since May, Facebook only removed Clifford’s accounts at the start of August for “breaking our rules” that “prohibit anyone from buying or selling fake — or even genuine — COVID-19 vaccine cards”.

“We will review any other accounts that might be doing the same thing,” a Facebook spokesperson said. “We appreciate the DA’s work on this matter and will remove this content whenever we find it.”