Wimbledon Heckler Pulls On A Skirt To Receive A Serve From A Grand Slam Champion

Tennis is weird.

If you’re going to heckle, you’d best be prepared to put your money where your mouth is. And hey, full credit to Wimbledon spectator Chris Quinn, because that’s exactly what he did.

Quinn was in the crowd during a friendly doubles match on Saturday between Kim Clijsters and Rennae Stubbs, and Conchita Martinez and Andrea Jaeger, and decided to offer Clijsters some unsolicited advice about where to place her serve. Rather than just ignore him, the former world No 1 instead invited Quinn onto the court to be on the receiving end.

Thing is, Wimbledon rules state that all players must be wearing white. Fortunately, Clijsters have a spare skirt handy and, after a little bit of shimmying, Quinn was ready to go.

Look, full disclosure: I don’t know a whole lot about tennis. But I was under the impression that Wimbledon was meant to be a fairly serious tournament? My mistake, I guess.