Where To Get The Best Sausages On Election Day

Find a sausage fest far more satisfying than the one on your How To Vote card.

For perhaps too many of us, the most enjoyable part of tomorrow’s election is going to be the sausage roll we get to shove in our faces at the polling booth. So why not make the most of it?

Enter the good people at Snagvotes, who’ve so far racked up a record-breaking 1138 sausage sizzles registered for Election 2013.


The user-generated map highlights every submitted polling place sausage sizzle happening around the country, with a separate map for vegetarians, and another for sweet tooths who are just after a cake stall.

Click on the polling booths closest to you, and you’ll get a one sentence pitch about what else is on offer: Slushies! Baked goods! Craft stalls! Coffee! Bacon & egg rolls! FACE PAINTING! You can even search for what you’re after, no narrow your options even further.

Better yet, by using the #snagvotes hashtag, you can submit a review of your local booth to help out your neighbours: a photo of the catering set-up, an update on how the sauce and sides selections are faring, a snap of queue lines, and more.

Happy Sausage Day, Australia.