The West Wing Cast Just Caught Up Over Twitter, And It Was The Best

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It started on Tuesday, when press secretary CJ Cregg (Allison Janney) got herself back on Twitter.


Toby Ziegler was happy to have her.


And Will Bailey made some jokes.



But then Charlie Young chimed in, because of course he did.


Will zinged him back.



Will tried to gather the rest of the crew, and suggested a walk-and-tweet.

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(Josh Lyman doesn’t tweet, apparently.)


Meanwhile, CJ was exchanging pleasantries with the actual Press Secretary of the United States. (This is the Jackal to which he refers.)


And Toby tweeted out a selfie.


Kate Harper suggested what we all were silently suggesting.


And then organised a catch-up dinner.

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Charlie made things difficult.




And as Charlie tried to wrap things up, Annabeth Schott showed her face.


Finally, the ultimate in-joke.


 Sigh. I want my friends back.

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  • Mail Ssinnigcm

    So awesome. Brad Whitford needs to get on Twitter.

    Walton Goggins too, then we’ll have a complete Shield Strike Team.

  • Kit O’Connor

    OUTSTANDING. More please.

  • Jeanne

    Miss you all! Why can’t president Bartlett and his team run,,,now that is the leadership I’m waiting for!

  • Johelen

    That was fantastic. More, More! A West Wing movie would be awesome – or a new series with Sam as President.

    • christina


  • Vivian Julier

    …and what about POTUS???

    • Timothy Rigney

      POTUS was sitting it back watching it all unfold so that he could make an informed decision. . . .

      • Timothy Rigney

        (Maybe the veal? . . . .) :)

  • Anne Taylor

    That PSA was from 2012 – it was for the election. I’m glad you corrected the Biggest Loser Olivia Ward thing – not the same girl! :) Fun to see them all chatting.

    • Steph Harmon

      Thanks! That’s been corrected now. :)

  • Katie

    Anna Deavere Smith also responded the next day!

  • Callifrey

    Is this what is has come down to? Twitter conversations among cast members of cancelled shows….a long time cancelled? Please. look at our feed for more up-to-date stuff:

    • Julie McLaney

      The difference is, people actually give a shit about West Wing…

  • Jeremy

    What, no Elsie Snuffins (@danicamckellar)? :)

  • charlesaguillon


  • Xixa

    I was thinking the SAME thing @johelen:disqus ! Ties right into the reference made by President Bartlett about him running someday. Just pick up the series with him in Office! And YES to a movie too! x=

  • dishkunz

    I’ve been watching West Wing lately and am up to the 7th season. I want to see more. A movie would be great!