Rudd, Abbott, Palmer And Katter Took Part In A Punk Rock Clip

If there’s one thing about politics we can all agree on in an election year, it’s the fact that it goes round and round. A new clip by Canberra band Super Best Friends illustrating the fact appeared online overnight, and is simultaneously the dorkiest and coolest thing you will be treated to this election.

“Our bass player Matt Roberts spent a lot of his free time hanging around Parliament House,” reads the press release, “and with his wit and charm, managed to convince several federal politicians and well-known media personalities to be in our new film clip.”

This song is already more exciting than anything that’s happened in the actual election campaign. Maybe instead of watching the debate tomorrow night, we could just watch this again instead.

Canberra GIF Party! 

Anthony Albanese wearing a Rabbitohs scarf and playing with a model airplane:


Barnaby Joyce’s cool little chair-dance:


Tony Abbott’s unbroken eye contact as he spins this wheel:


Rob Oakeshott inexplicably ironing his underpants:


The Clive Palmer Punch:


Wacky Joel Fitzgibbon:


Nick Xenaphon standing on a desk with his best rock star face:


Kevin Rudd pretending that the Daily Telegraph is an actual newspaper:


Christine Milne being just generally adorable:


Bob Katter’s lasso fiasco: 


Sarah Hanson-Young jammin’ on her planner:sarahhansenyoung

Rob Oakeshott spelling out the word “okay” by pointing to the letters in his name:


And on repeat, this: