Enjoy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Rachel Bloom Singing About The Confusing Hell Of Being A ‘Lady Boss’

"I want you to do what I want (but let me say it in a nice way)."

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend features the kind of musical performances that sum up the¬†tightrope women have to walk every day of their lives — show people that you care! But don’t show them too much! Make an effort with your appearance! But don’t let them see that you make too much of an effort!

Basically Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s creator and star, Rachel Bloom, is some sort of female anxiety whisperer.

Now in a video for Vanity Fair, Bloom is tackling the exquisite agony of trying to be a woman in power while fighting your internal monologue that says that being liked — and being passive — is the most important thing on the planet. (You should Lean In! But don’t Lean In too much!)

In “Ladyboss”, Bloom kills it in a work presentation, then promptly returns to her office to cry into a Ruth Bader Ginsberg cushion. She asks for a raise, but admits to her female boss that someone else could probably do her job. How much boob is too much boob? It’s unclear!

“If you think I’m a bitch, then I don’t give a shit! But if I do give shit does that make me weak?” she says, as women chant “LADY BOSS!” around her.¬†‘Cos being a boss is empowering! But it’s also kind of weird?