Please Enjoy This Candid Video Of The Spice Girls Yelling At A Catcaller In 1997

Yes, they say "Girl Power" while they're roasting him.

Whether you think of the Spice Girls as the facilitators of young feminist epiphanies or as a construction that exploited the Second Wave, it’s hard to deny their lasting impact on pop. Judging by a behind-the-scenes video of the group that has gone viral today, it’s clear their credentials as icons of ‘Girl Power’ still resonates with a lot of people.

Director Mackenzie Rough shared a video of Geri, Mel C, Mel B, Victoria and Emma filming a Poloroid commercial in 1997 (in school girl uniforms, because sure) in which they go absolutely ballistic when a member of the crew yells that he wants to see more cleavage and midriff.

“Why did you ask that? To have our cleavage showing and our midriff showing?” Mel B asks. “It’s every male’s fantasy,” the crew member says. “Well you can fuck off,” Mel B replies.

Then Geri calls him a chauvinist and Victoria takes off his sunglasses and makes fun of them. It’s the best.

Mel B is my new favourite Spice Girl, sorry Geri.