Pass It On: Beyond Blue’s Powerful New Campaign About Casual Racism

It's called 'The Invisible Discriminator'. It's fairly confronting.

‘Stop. Think. Respect’ is an ongoing beyondblue campaign which highlights how discrimination can impact mental health. Where the first iteration in 2012 focused on discrimination of GLBTI people with a powerful video that drew parallels between being bullied for being gay and being bullied for being left-handed, the campaign’s second phase — launched with a video this morning — highlights the compounding effect┬áthat casual racism has on the mental health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. And it’s quickly picking up speed on Facebook.

A 2013 study by the Lowitja Institute in Victoria found that 97% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people had experienced racism multiple times; it also showed that subtle forms of discrimination, like being left out, avoided or stared at, were just as harmful to mental health as overt racism.

The video was accompanied by behind-the-scenes interviews with the indigenous actors featured in the ad, who talk of their own experiences. And this one’s even more confronting.

beyondblue is a national initiative to raise awareness and understanding of anxiety and depression, and help those who suffer from it. To read more about their current campaign, head here; for advice and support for anxiety and depression, head to their website or call 1300 224 636.



  1. Xavier Rubio says:

    is encouraged buy Governments in order to make it easy to control us,
    imaging if we all got together governments would not have a chance
    “dived and conquer”.If when captain Cook came to Australia the
    Aboriginal people and the so called convicts got together the soldiers
    and the crown would have lost and Australia would be a different country
    to day. The crown had to induce Racism in order to establish supremacy
    over the indigenous people.It has never been about color or race. but only a mean to an Agenda,created through fear and hate

  2. chris says:

    I agree 100%