How To Look Decent For Uni When You’re Super Lazy

You know what Kendall Jenner doesn't tell you about braids? They're great for disguising oily hair.

As the semester goes on, some days you’re just impressed with yourself for making it out of bed and into a lecture hall. We’re all lazy, right?

Other days you want to look a little fancy, but without expending actual time or effort. That’s where we come in. Here’s the lazy student’s guide on going from dishevelled zombie to clean and accessorised zombie.

#1 Multi-Tasking Products

If makeup is your thing, save some time (and cash) by trying out multi-use products, like lipsticks you can swipe on your cheeks as a blush, or highlighter that works as eyeshadow too.

One less product can make it just that bit easier for lazy students to get to class on time.

#2 Wet Shampoo? Nah. Dry Shampoo? Sure.

You didn’t wash your hair this morning, did you? Me neither, but let’s talk about you. There’s an easy way around this! Pick up a can of dry shampoo from Priceline for around the same price as a good banh mi.

Dark haired babes, look out for the dry shampoo specifically for dark hair to avoid that powdery white look. Then just tip your head upside down, spray your roots a couple of times and run your fingers through to spread the powder. Done!

#3 Fake Awake

Whether you stayed up to finish an essay, party with your mates or watch Netflix with your cat, some nights you just don’t get your beauty sleep.

You probably know the drill by now; slap some concealer on your under-eyes and set with a powder to avoid any creases. Pop a bit of highlighter on your inner corners to brighten up those tired eyes, and white eyeliner in your waterline works wonders. A bright lipstick can make your whole face look brighter, as can a peachy blush on your cheeks. Your classmates need never know what happened last night.

#4 Scarves! Try one!

OK, I know you just thought of your Nanna when you read that word. But she’s onto something: scarves are a quick way to hide all manner of sins, and add a bit of colour.

Tie around your head to make a headband, or add it to your ponytail. Channel your vintage style icons (Audrey Hepburn, what’s good?) and tie it around your neck and pair with a plain t-shirt. Your local op shop is probably overflowing with cute and colourful scarves for a couple of bucks, so why not make your standard jeans-and-jumper combo look a bit special?

#5 Get Braidin’

Braids all over your Instagram feed at the moment, aren’t they?

What Kendall Jenner and her mates don’t tell you about their trendy plaits is that they conveniently hide all the knots and oiliness you might have going on. Hit up Youtube (or bribe a skilled sibling) to learn how to cop them for yourself.

#6 Take Care Of Your Clothes

How many times have you hopped off the bus only to realise your shirt’s all crumpled? Avoid the shame by looking at the tag to see what kind of fabric it is.

Synthetic fibres like polyester and rayon are designed to be easy to care for, whereas natural materials like cotton and linen need a bit of extra work, and will need to be ironed after washing. If you really don’t have time, chuck it in the dryer for a minute and put it on straight away. Mmmm, warm fabric.

#7 Preparation Is Key

Take a couple of extra minutes the night before uni to make sure you’ve got all your textbooks, chargers and snacks ready for the morning.

Instead of spending precious time hunting for matching socks or clean jeans, lay out your clothes on The Chair (I know you have one) and thank yourself in the morning.

Lucinda is a creative writing student at UTS and has written for Vertigo and the UTS Women’s Collective. Her dream is to be the person who comes up with terrible innuendos for nail polish shade names. 

(Lead image: House Bunny/Columbia Pictures)