These Liberal Politicians Dancing To Daft Punk Is Absolutely The Worst Thing You’ll Watch Today

Who says white people have no culture?

Why do politicians have to ruin everything?

Over the weekend the WA Liberal Party launched their campaign for the upcoming state election where they’re hoping to win a third term in office. You could say they are hoping to win… One More Time.

Some genius idiot staffer clearly thought the “One More Time” imagery was so politically powerful and evocative, they came up with the idea to soundtrack the campaign launch to Daft Punk’s ‘One More Time’.

And so the worst 34 seconds in Australian political history was born.

It’s immediately clear that none of these people have ever heard Daft Punk before. Literally no one, until now, has clapped along to ‘One More Time’ in the 16 years of its existence.

And no one, absolutely no one, has danced to Daft Punk while campaigning for a motorway extension to “fix congestion”.


The most anachronistic moment in dance music, ever?

This bloke is absolutely stoked though, look at his face:


“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck what a tune!!” – Old Liberal man.

He’s so excited he even high fives this other guy.


“Hahaha we’re so white”

Okay, so turns out there’s one person at this campaign launch who has heard the track before. This legend actually sings along to the chorus and even throws up her finger in the air in the classic “It’s the bit where they sing ‘One more time’ so I should throw my finger in the air to indicate that” manner. This lady for Premier, I reckon.


But there’s one guy who is clearly feeling as confused and horrified as the rest of the country. Meet Jim Seth, WA Liberal candidate for Bassendean:


“White people, smh”

There’s a lot to unpack about Jim. Why is he wearing a giant ribbon? Why is he the only person wearing a giant ribbon? Why does his ribbon have his name on it? You can tell from the look in his eyes that he wants out.


“Save me, I’m Jim.”

The thing about Jim is that he’s a baller. Here he is hosting a Bollywood dance workshop fundraiser, to help teach his white friends in the Liberal Party how to dance to some sick Punjabi tunes:

Imagine being Jim and going to all the effort to school your mates on how to dance properly, and then watching them clap and awkwardly shuffle along to a track as defining as ‘One More Time’. It’s enough to make you weep, which is probably what Jim did as soon as the camera panned away.

It’s hard to know who should be more offended by this campaign launch monstrosity. Daft Punk, Jim “I’m Jim” Seth, or the poor, poor voters of WA.