Zach Braff Just Crashed Donald Faison’s Reddit AMA And It Got Uncomfortably Sexual

Five words to describe their relationship? "Moist. Moist. Moist. Moist. Moist."

Scrubs — or at least decent Scrubs — is now more than a decade behind us but the bromance between JD and Turk is still as strong as ever. Even though their most famous characters were forced to endure a couple of seasons of seriously subpar comedy and one of them went on to re-boot a somewhat ill-advised filmic career in whimsy, Donald Faison and Zach Braff off-screen relationship has never been that different from their on-screen antics.

Look, here’s a video of Faison serenading Braff with a little Taylor Swift and here they are hanging out with Dr Cox last week.

Reunited and it feels so good.

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It’s impossible to be unhappy while looking at this photo.

So, when Donald Faison announced he was doing a Reddit AMA for his new movie Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife earlier today, we couldn’t help but get excited. Zach Braff has a history of dropping in on things like this and any time Chocolate Bear is reunited with his Vanilla Bear the lols are bound to follow.

Instead, things got real weird real quick.


Despite the fact that ‘moist’ is universally acknowledged as the creepiest word in the English language, it seemed like a surprising change of tone from their much-loved bromance built on tender embraces and adorable nicknames. Then, things only got more explicit things when Braff joined the conversation.


Because it’s pretty hard to transition from that back to Faison’s “torturously unfunny” new film about a man who murders his shrew wife and “urinates in the bathtub full of her hacked up remains”, most of the discussion then focussed on Zach Braff and his various body parts.


Even PG questions somehow got a R-rated response.

clueless dick

Since Braff and Faison will always kind of be JD and Turk in our minds, it’s weird to see the actors talk like this. Their on-screen relationship always had a wonderfully tongue-in-cheek vibe on Scrubs. And, while I’m sure there are stacks of erotic fan fic out there devoted to them and a sex position named after a certain majestic North American bird, the appeal was really in the cheekiness of it all.

Two guys singing songs about their love for one another is cute and funny, but since Seth Rogen and James Franco are already people that exist in the world, I don’t think I need to hear any more straight dudes sniggering about each other’s “tight anuses”.

Read the full AMA here.