6 Writing Retreats You Need To Know About If You’re A Budding Writer

Consider this your prac.

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Writing students don’t get prac at the end of their degree, so it’s hard to know where to get started in your writing career.

If you’re hoping to get published one day or are in the process of writing a novel, writing retreats could really give you a push in the right direction.

Here are some writing workshops and residencies in Australia and overseas that every writer should know about. Of course, they can get a little exxy, but we can dream right? Happy creating!

Tess Woods Writing Retreat

Tess Woods is an Australian author who has written two bestselling novels, Love at First Flight and Beautiful Messy Love. Tess hosts seven-day writing retreats, designed to indulge your love of writing in a relaxing environment.

This Perth-based retreat is situated among the lush forest, and beautiful coast (not to mention it’s close to the Margaret River wine region, drinks anyone?). This package includes accommodation, all meals included, one on one critique sessions with the author herself, daily writing workshops, digital branding lessons and group outings. What more could an emerging writer want?

Sunshine Writers Retreat

This Gold Coast retreat is held on 15th – 18th November this year. It also takes aspiring, emerging and established authors so don’t be shy in thinking you’re too amateur. Located at Montville Country Cabins, surrounded by nature and beautiful scenery, you’ll be staying in four-star cabins for three days, writing like crazy.

There will be manuscript reading sessions, meditation, and story circles where you can read your work and get feedback. There’s also a bunch of guest speakers and networking opportunities. Perfect for the writer wanting to meet publishers and other authors.

Varuna Writers House

Sydney’s Varuna house offers something called a “writer’s residency”. It essentially means you get to reside in a beautiful house in the NSW countryside and have a new and fresh environment to work on your story. There are no workshops or lessons, just you and your writing.

You’re usually sharing the house with five other authors, making friends, giving feedback on people’s work (if you want to) or simply holing up in your room and getting to work. This retreat is whatever you make it to be.

The Burrow

Unlike most retreats, this program is offered all year round. The package offers a safe and quiet location, free Wi-Fi, included meals, and cosy country Victoria apartments. They offer no lessons which means your time is your own.

This retreat probably suits the more independent writers who like their peace and quiet, are not distracted easily, and can get on with their work without a teacher.

Fiona McIntosh Master Class

Fiona McIntosh is a best-selling author focusing on adult fantasy genre and child fiction. Her five-day writing retreat in South Australia focuses on producing quality commercial fiction especially for the widest reading audience – women.

The program allows 18 attendees and includes morning and afternoon tea, lunch daily, and a range of guest speakers. This is a great way to network, meet some authors, publishers, and get the finishing touches on that book!

Wide Open Writing

At Wide Open Writing, you’ll be surrounded by idyllic views of the mountains, hiking trails, the farms vine yards and a quaint little town that is a five-minute walk away. Oh, did we mention you’ll be in Italy?!

For six days, the Italian retreat will nurture your creative side through optional morning yoga, workshops, writing prompts and using nature to your writing advantage. The workshop fee covers private accommodation, transportation from Florence airport, all meals (including wine) and yoga sessions. Ultimate!

Sophie Nicolas is studying a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and is an aspiring writer, dog enthusiast and thrift shop fashion icon.