A List Of The Worst Celebrity Artworks In Honour Of Brad Pitt’s Sculpting Debut

From Britney Spears' "childlike doodle" to Shia LaBeouf's really bad performance art, bad celebrity art could be a medium in itself.

bad art

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Overnight, Brad Pitt made his debut as a sculptor, presenting several works in a group show in Finland with celebrated professionals Nick Cave and Thomas Houseago.

Surprisingly, Pitt’s works are really good! One of his works, in particular, a large frieze depicting scenes of gun violence, displays more skill and artistic merit than I can safely assume anyone expected from the Troy star.

But while Brad Pitt has seemingly bucked the trend, celebrities and bad art go together like yeast and sharehouses. Here are some of the worst artistic products made by celebs in recent memory.

Ringo Starr

Before this list gets too controversial, here’s an easy one. As if it wasn’t enough to be constantly criticised for his lack of skill as a drummer, Ringo Starr is also widely known as one of the worst painters of all time.

Despite having front seats for several seminal moments in pop art history, which were relished by bandmate John Lennon, Starr’s proximity to art has seemingly done nothing for his ability as a painter.

Hat man (2005) by Ringo Starr. I suppose it does what it says on the tin!

Jim Carrey

Imagine, if instead of submitting his complex and idiosyncratic sculpture works at Sara Hildén Art Museum in Finland, Brad Pitt submitted this:

Jim Carrey’s sculpture ‘Ayla’. I can easily picture Thomas Houseago vomiting in rage.

On paper, Jim Carrey has the potential to be a fabulous visual artist. Tortured perfectionist? Check. Troubled childhood? Check! Bad philosophical understanding of existentialism? Check check!

Sadly, despite dabbling in puppetry, painting, and sculpting; he has never reached his potential, most of his creations being as crass and vivid as a rude joke.

Shia LaBeouf

I’ll happily go out on a limb and say that Shia LeBeouf has the worst artistic output of any celebrity living or dead. From a short film debut rife with plagiarism, to a shitty performance art series where he wore a paper bag over his head and cries, there’s no shortage of flaws to choose from.

But perhaps what endures about LaBeouf’s stinky artistic presence is just how startling familiar it is. Everyone has experienced at least one version of that scumbag dude from art school who ceaseless praises Lars Von Trier, miraculously dating the most talented person at university  — FKA Twigs.