These Two Cuties Met Playing Words With Friends And Now They’re Friends IRL

Turns out the internet isn't pure garbage after all.

Words with Friends

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For anyone who needed reminding that not everything about the internet is a terrible garbage fire, please allow me to introduce you to Spencer and Roz.

Spencer is a 22-year-old from Harlem, New York. Roz is an 81-year-old who lives in a retirement village in Florida. They first met playing Words With Friends, and over the course of a year and more than 300 games they became good friends. And last week they got to meet for the very first time.

Word of the meetup — which was arranged by New York pastor Amy Butler — has caused people on the internet to implode with delight and crying react GIFs.

Still, while they may be all smiles in person, it sounds as though their games are fairly intense, with Spencer showing no signs of going easy on his pal despite being six decades her junior.

Damn Roz, up your game.