The First Images From ‘Wonder Woman 2’ Are Here And We’re In The ’80s, Baby

And Chris Pine is alive????

Wonder Woman 1984

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The extremely anticipated sequel to DC’s only good movie Wonder Woman is here, and it’s called Wonder Woman 1984. Dress me in hyper-colour and throw me to Tina Turner, because we are READY for this 33-year-old action.

Wonder Woman was a massive success at the box-office, drawing in $822 million at the worldwide box-office, which is a pretty decent chunk of cash — especially considering it was the first major female-led superhero film.

It was also a cool, if slightly camp film, pitting the semi-divine Amazonian warrior Diana against the best baddies of all: poison Nazis (basically).

Gal Gadot is coming back as the titular wonderful woman, and as previously announced the film also stars SNL alumni and world’s funniest woman, Kristen Wiig, in the role of the villainous Cheetah. Game of Thrones star Pedro Pascal will also be there!

But, shockingly, bizarrely, Chris Pine (the third best super-Chris) is also back — and he’s wearing a bum-bag!

Pine’s character, Steve Trevor, very notably exploded in the sky in the original Wonder Woman, so it’s quite unexpected that he is back — especially since we see Diana pining for him (see what I did there) in the horrifying fever dream that was Batman v Superman.

It’s unclear how or why he made it to the 1980s — is he a ghost, a clone, or perhaps his identical grandson? One thing’s for sure, he’s definitely coming for Chris Evan’s crown as second best super-Chris, following in Captain America’s “I’m an old soldier in more modern times” footsteps. Let’s just freeze him in a block of ice and get over it.

And does he travel forward in time only to die again? We’ll have to find out.

Naturally people are SHOOK over this pine-fresh blast from the past.

Wonder Woman 1984 is set for release in November 2019.