Why Is Everyone Baking Bread?



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Why is everyone baking bread? 

Isolation and quarantining during the coronavirus outbreak has brought up many important questions about our lives, and how we live them. It’s also brought up the question, why is everyone baking bread?

There are subsets. Why is everyone baking sourdough?

Why is everyone baking banana bread?

Why are people baking banana or sourdough bread?

Why are you baking the wrong kind of bread?

Should we all be baking bread?

Why are the gays baking bread?

The answer probably lies in the fact that more people are at home with time on their hands, baking can be good for stress and sort of meditative, and then at the end of the activity, you have bread. God’s favourite food. Or it could also be this.

But the questions won’t end there, we are going deeper. Stay tuned for more questions to a-RISE (baking bread joke).