Eagle-Eyed ‘White Lotus’ Fans Have Uncovered A Major Season Finale Spoiler

There's a plot afoot!

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While White Lotus’ second season has been saving all of the drama for an explosive final episode, eagle-eyed fans have discovered a clue confirming what fate awaits one main character. Let’s discuss.

Yes, the second season of Mike White’s uncomfortable show about privilege and relationships has been content with stretching out the drama, especially after a first episode that opened in media res with the discovery of unidentified dead bodies (plural!) at the luxurious resort.

Although there’s no concrete evidence of who’s going to cark it next week, we can be almost certain of one character’s devious motivations — thanks to a minor detail spotted by a keen-eyed fan.

— Warning: extra large spoilers for ‘The White Lotus’ Season 2 are below. —

British expat Quentin’s motivations for wining and dining fan favourite Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) have remained a mystery throughout the second season of White Lotus. 

The explosive realisation that Quentin probably isn’t related to his self-declared nephew Jack after Tanya caught them making the beast with two backs in the final moments of Episode 5 only served to amplify the mystery of just who the hell these people are!

But the penultimate episode of season two gave us a sliver of insight into what scheme the pair have cooked up, and it’s got something to do with Tanya’s wayward husband, Greg.

As you’ll recall, Tanya’s husband departs Palermo early in the season on the guise of an emergency work meeting, despite Tanya catching a late-night conversation where Greg cryptically declares she “has no idea, as usual”.

Fast forward to the latest episode, Quentin’s nephew Jack goes to extreme lengths to keep Tanya’s embattled assistant Portia away from a party his “uncle” is hosting at his luxurious family abode, where Quentin has set Tanya up with a handsome and well-endowed local for the evening.

As Tanya prepares to consummate the affair, she accidentally discovers a framed photograph in the master bedroom, seemingly taken of a younger Quentin and a man who looks an AWFUL lot like her husband Greg.

Shrugging this discovery off, Tanya proceeds to get physical with the Italian coke-dealer regardless. But to solidify our suspicions that something suss is afoot, one fan discovered an ominous detail hidden from frame.

Unless Quentin desperately needs to change the batteries from his fire alarm, that looks a helluva lot like a video camera to me! Which begs our next question: why would Quentin want to film Tanya’s romp?

The answer, fans suspect, has to do with their marriage contract, which could contain an annulment clause on the grounds of infidelity. If this is the case, then Greg now has all the evidence needed to bypass the prenup and take half of Tanya’s undisclosed riches in a divorce proceeding.

As for motivation, Essex party boy Jack drunkenly declared to Portia that Quentin’s money troubles — exacerbated by the upkeep of his ancient abode — were coming to a close. If that is a young Greg in the photograph on Quentin’s mantel, and that fan theory that Tanya’s husband is actually Quentin’s unrequited Wyoming lover, then the pair obviously have some kind of working relationship figured out.

So, if the pair are in cahoots to rob Tanya of her fortune, then video evidence of the act of cunnilingus is all the evidence they need to ride off into the sunset with Tanya’s riches in tow.

But that’s not to say Tanya is doomed just yet, with Portia rapidly coming to her senses the unlikely duo could succeed in thwarting the scandal at the last minute. Let’s just hope their bodies aren’t the ones being discovered in the final episode next week.