While You Were Sleeping, American Horror Story Got All The Emmy Nominations

Does anyone even watch that show?

Jesse Pinkman and Doogie Howser announced some Emmy nominations


And there’s some interesting news to note! Surprisingly, American Horror Story led everyone with 17 nods; internet favourite Tatiana Maslany of Orphan Black was snubbed; House Of Cards broke new ground for a TV show that was never actually shown on TV; Louis CK earned himself seven nominations; Steven Soderbergh was nominated three times under various names; Zach Galifianakis’s web-comedy Between Two Ferns was nominated in a weird category alongside the Super Bowl Halftime Show; and 30 Rock‘s ‘Rural Juror’ is up for ‘Outstanding Original Music And Lyrics’, which is awesome. Read the full list here; the winners will be announced on September 22.

Snoop Dogg/Lion/Whatever taught Larry King how to rap

Skip to 5:30 for the important bit. Larry King’s approach isn’t too different from The Fat Boys; he just raps about eating.

Finally, you won’t have to choose between The Simpsons and Family Guy anymore

The Simpsons or Family Guy“? It’s a question as complex as “The Beatles or Rolling Stones?”, or “Dylan or Brandon?” Fret no more, ’cause Fox (the network that hosts both programs) has announced that the Griffins will be visiting Springfield in a special crossover episode next year. According to the network’s synopsis, the episode will see Stevie and Bart bond, Lisa playing mature big sister to Meg, and Peter and Homer arguing about beer. We hope Maggie doesn’t hear all the inevitable testicle jokes.

R. Kelly thought you might wanna see some behind-the-scenes footage of Trapped In The Closet, Part 33

He actually rehearsed for those things? Interesting.