“Whew, That Was Gay”: The First Trailer For The ‘Will & Grace’ Revival Is Here!

Spoilers: there may be some singing.

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Back in January, after months of rumours and brutal jabs at Donald Trump, Will & Grace fans got the news that they were dying to hear: after more than a decade off the airwaves, the iconic sitcom would be coming back to television.

The new season will consist of 12 episodes and is set to premiere in the American Fall. Today, NBC dropped an extended promo for the revival, and if you weren’t already excited enough then chew on this: it’s a musical.

The clip begins with Debra Messing expressing skepticism about reviving the show after so many years. “I’m just not feeling it” she tells Eric McCormack as she pilfers magazines from the NBC office. Undeterred, her co-star leads her down to the original set, where they’re joined by Sean Hayes and Megan¬†Mullally (who has apparently been sleeping there for the last ten years) for an elaborate song-and-dance routine.

In the words of McCormack: “whew, that was gay.”