Everyone Hates This Monster Who Removed Wally From A ‘Where’s Wally’ Book

'Where's Wally?' The Gaslighting Edition.

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There is a lot of evil in this world, but nothing is quite as chaotic and malicious as ensuring someone won’t be able to find Wally in a Where’s Wally book.

In an act that is being called “true chaotic evil”, Blake Messick, a 20-year-old videographer from Houston, Texas, did exactly that. Yesterday, Blake uploaded a TikTok documenting his journey into absolutely ruining some poor kid’s day. Yes, Blake managed to do something even worse than the US changing Wally to Waldo, for no good reason.

Calling his psychopathic act, “the perfect crime” Blake went to Half Price Books, an American bookstore chain, and bought a copy of The Great Waldo Search. When he got home, he scanned each page and digitally removed Wally from every one of the book’s pictures.

He then printed each Wally-less photo, lined them up with the book and glued them down. After rubbing the images down to make the blend as seamless as possible, Blake returned the edited book. Once put back on the shelf, Blake ended his evil act by saying: “I put it back on the shelf to terrorise the next child that even thinks of searching for Waldo.”

Blake’s video went viral on TikTok with over a million likes, which prompted @iatemuggles to share the horror on Twitter too. On Twitter some claimed that Blake should “be arrested” for his horrid crimes, while others couldn’t help but feel bad for the poor kid who would be scarred by their never-ending search.

Talking to Junkee, Blake insisted that his prank was real. After learning how to use Photoshop to edit the photos, Blake apparently just did a whole lot of “trial and error” to find the size and method that looked most realistic. “The store didn’t suspect a thing and took it right back,” he evilly added.

Despite not even getting the gratification of seeing a kid stressfully search for a non-existent man, Blake was still pretty chuffed with his successful prank. It really is an evil world out there.