What’s The Go With The Au Pairs?

Seriously, what's the go?

What's the go with the au pairs

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It’s the question on everybody’s lips: What’s the go with the au pairs?

In case you haven’t been paying attention, for a while now there’s been a simmering scandal involving Peter Dutton and the visa status of two mysterious au pairs, who were almost booted out of the country until Dutton used his powers as Immigration Minister to intervene on their behalf. In at least one of those cases, Dutton defied the advice of his own department in order to intervene.

Dutton and his department have steadfastly avoided answering questions on the topic, but that may be about to change, with the Senate last week voting to refer to the issue to a Senate inquiry.

And today, there’s more au pair news: The Guardian reports that there’s a THIRD au pair, this time connected to the family of AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan. With news that the number of au pairs under scrutiny has increased by 50 percent, everyone is asking the question: What’s the go?

The Au Pairs: What’s The Go?

And in case you need any more background, the good folks at Tonightly have nicely summed it all up.