Watch Jessa Give Hannah a Swift Slap ‘Round the Head in the Official Season 4 Girls Trailer

In a way, we are all Jessa in this moment.

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It’s only been a couple of days since our first look at Season 4 and now we have a full trailer. Hope you like Girls; it’s definitely about to flood your newsfeed for the next few months.

Though it doesn’t tell us a whole lot more than the initial sneak peek, the official season trailer is well worth a watch. We see Adam for the first time and he seems a little less sociopathic and a lot more like a fully formed human (albeit in a James Dean-style leather jacket at a family dinner); Shosh is on the hunt for a job while dressed in a ruffled white blazer like a raunchy divorcee; and Jess is just straight up getting arrested.

Far and away the best thing about it is the fact that people are now consistently calling Hannah on her bullshit. Her Iowa writing workshop is full of sassy postgrads with judgy eyebrow raises and droll quips, and one of her closest friends isn’t afraid to give her a swift slap to the head.

In a way, we are all Jessa in this moment.