Breaking Down All Those Intense ‘WandaVision’ Finale Reactions

From hot costumes to heartbreaking goodbyes, the WandaVision finale had fans emotional!


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The WandaVision finale finally arrived and it had everything you’d expect! We’re talking intrigue, disappointment, heartbreak, hot costumes and big set ups for the next phase of the MCU.

WandaVision had it all and we’re going to breakdown the biggest reactions so you don’t feel alone sitting in those mixed feelings. As usual, there are spoilers ahead.

Wanda Looked HOT AF In Her Scarlet Witch Costume

The WandaVision finale saw Wanda Maximoff assume the form of the Scarlet Witch vision we saw her have in the last episode. The leather look is a bad-ass deep red that riffs on both the traditional Scarlet Witch comic costume we saw Wanda don in the Halloween ep, combined with the practicality of her various looks from prior films.

The suit is even complete with a version of the Scarlet Witch’s iconic headdress. In combination with Wanda’s fabulous hair, its an incredible look.

It’s in this outfit that Wanda triumphs over Agatha and dooms her to a life playing Agnes, the nosy neighbour. In this moment, Agatha now forced back into playing Agnes says to Wanda what we’re all thinking. Same, Agnes. Same.

It Was Paul Bettany All Along

For a good few weeks now, Paul Bettany (Vision) has been teasing a big exciting cameo in the finale. His exact words?

“I work with this actor that I’ve always wanted to work with and we have fireworks together, the scenes are great and I think people are going to be really excited. I’ve always wanted to work with this guy and the scenes are pretty intense.”

Turns out this actor was none other than Paul Bettany himself and Bettany was just trolling fans, teasing the Vision on Vision action that took place in the finale. I’d be mad, but honestly, it’s a pretty hilarious bit of trolling. Well played, Mr Bettany.

So, No Quicksilver?

Season finales rarely air without disappointment among the ranks and WandaVision is no exception. One of the many big reveals the episode offered was the revelation that fake Pietro was even more fake than many fans theorised.

Turns out, fake Pietro was not Quicksilver from the X-Men franchise, nor even a Quicksilver pulled from the multiverse. He’s just some actor called Ralph Bohner (yes, Bohner) that Agatha bewitched to play Pietro as well as stealing his house. Some fans see the reveal as a bit of a low-blow, considering all the multiverse magic throughout the series.

Personally, I appreciate the reveal as a very meta casting goof in a show all about being meta, but I also can’t help but be a little bummed the X-Men are still yet to be officially introduced to the MCU

Is Wanda More Powerful Than Doctor Strange?

One comment from Agatha has got fans arguing. During their battle, Agatha tells Wanda that the Scarlet Witch is prophesied to be even more powerful than the Sorcerer Supreme. Many fans believe that this is a dig at Doctor Strange who is known as this title throughout the comics.

Even if he was, I have to admit that if it came down to a fight between a witch born with intuitive powers that can alter reality BEFORE she has training and a guy who had to train for months before he could move a rock? I know who I’d bet on to win.

That Incredible(s) Pose

The Maximoffs were out in force fighting SWORD as a family for the finale. In a wonderful homage-esque, yet totally badass moment, the Maximoffs strike a post reminiscent of another iconic Disney superhero family, The Incredibles.

This moment is extra special considering it was foreshadowed by an easter egg in the Halloween episode. In the Halloween episode The Incredibles is one of the two titles playing at Westview cinema, seen displayed behind Wanda and fake Pietro as they walk through town.

It’s Fine We Didn’t Need Our Hearts

Unsurprisingly for a show all about grief and loss, WandaVision ended with a whole lot of grief and a whole lot of loss. Wanda realises she must make things right by restoring the town and reversing the Hex. The loss of the Hex, unfortunately, also means losing Vision and Billy and Tommy whose existences are sustained by the Hex.

It’s a heartbreaking sequence that starts with Wanda and Vision tucking Billy and Tommy in for one last goodnight and ends with Wanda farewelling Vision for the third time in their relationship. Fans, and by fans I mean me, were devastated and sobbing like a baby.

That Captain Marvel Sequel Set Up

The WandaVision finale blessed us with not one, but two post-credit scenes and the first one appears to be a set up for Captain Marvel 2. Monica is called into Westview’s theatre by a SWORD agent who is really a Skrull in disguise. This skrull tells Monica that she was sent by an old friend of Monica’s mother. This old friend wants to meet Monica, presumedly in space. Most fans agree that the old friend is Captain Marvel. However, the Skrull uses ‘he’ pronouns for the old friend, which points more to Nick Fury. We last saw Fury luxuriating on a space station. Either way, I am beyond keen to see where Monica goes next.

Sadly, there will be no WandaVision next week, or any week for the foreseeable future.

However,  The Falcon and the Winter Soldier starring Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan where they’ll reprise their roles as Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes will be starting on March 19th on Disney Plus.

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