Bunnings Offer Up Carparks As Vax Hubs So You Can Grab A Snag And Get Jabbed

The Federal Government has invited Westfarmers, Qantas and The Australian Hotels Association to assist with the vaccine rollout, meaning you may soon be getting a jab before heading to the sausage sizzle.


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The Federal Government says large companies such as Bunnings, Officeworks and Qantas could soon be help Australians get Covid-19 vaccine jabs, in an attempt to address the the bungled vaccine rollout.

The Treasurer Josh Frydenberg met yesterday with some of the country’s biggest businesses, including Westfarmers (which owns Bunnings, Kmart and Coles), Qantas, and The Australian Hotels Association, inviting them to get creative with the vaccine roll out and incentives.

Frydenberg said after the meeting that the companies would cooperate with transport, logistics and premises, and the organisations would write to their employees — in the case of Qantas, potentially 13 million Frequent Flyers — to encourage them to get the vaccine if they are eligible.

“It was a very productive constructive meeting,” Frydenberg said.

However, there is still the issue of vaccine supply, and the race to acquire more Pfizer likened to the Hunger Games by NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard.

Australia’s once admirable status as essentially Covid free has begun to flounder on the world stage, as it struggles to outrace the Delta strain.

The ABC reports that by September or October, there will will be enough vaccine supply for under 40s to not only jump on board, but potentially have a choice of vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna), and we may be making that choice in the Maccas car park, which has already offered up its 1909 carparks. Or would you rather roll up your jab before grabbing a trolly and doing a Woollies grocery shop?

Elsewhere in the world, countries have got creative with their vaccine rollout and incentives. In the US, you can get your vaccine at the National History Museum, or at a major league baseball game along with a free ticket.

In England you can head to Westminster Abbey  where every British monarch has been crowned since 1066, for a jab at the Poets’ Corner. In Italy’s Turin, the contemporary museum Castle of Rivoli has become a vaccine hub and Rio de Janeiro has used the Museum of the Republic at Catete Palace. India has converted an auditorium in Ahmedabad, and inBeijing’s Haidian district, people cue along indoor sports courts.

Over the coming months we’ll learn where else Australians can get jabbed. In the meantime, Twitter has some thoughts.