Usher Allegedly Used Fake, No-Value “Usher Bucks” In A Strip Club And It’s The Funniest Thing

Forget Bitcoin, we have UshBucks now.

Usher money ushbucks

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It’s 2021, so it’s only natural that Usher has been accused of giving a Vegas stripper fake dollar bills with his face and name on them instead of real money.

Yes, you read that right. A Las Vegas dancer who goes by the stage name Pisces has alleged that she “danced all night for Usher” at Sapphire in Vegas, and the eight-time Grammy award-winning artist gave her money with “no trade-in value whatsoever” in return.

Posting a photo of the horrific UshBucks — which came in $1, $20, and $100 denominations — to her Instagram story, Pisces shared that she thought the artist “should be blasted on social media for this shit”.

As expected, Pisces’ request that Usher be “blasted on social media” did come true.

Almost instantly people began to share their sheer disbelief in the idea of Usher essentially paying dancers with Monopoly money.

“Usher is sick” wrote one account. “You’re wrong for that… you scammed them hard-working girls. Your net worth is 180 million. You know you’re sleazy for this shit.”

But as sad as someone paying for service with fake money is, the thought of a millionaire like Usher allegedly doing it was too hard not to turn into a giant meme.

Somehow the funniest part of this whole saga is that the singer actually already tried to flex his UshBucks over a week ago on social media.

Posing with a suitcase full of “money”, Usher uploaded a series of photos to Instagram showing off what appeared to be a transparent suitcase full of real cash. However, if you zoom in, you can see they are the same UshBucks the singer allegedly tried to hand out in the club.

While Usher hasn’t addressed the matter yet, TMZ reports that an alleged representative for Sapphire claims that the artist did give real money and even tipped the club’s staff “quite generously”.

This club rep also claims that Usher actually spent “thousands” on the dancers and bottle service, with the UshBucks being left on stage just as “a bit of a gag” and to “promote his new Vegas residency”.

Normally the “it was just a joke” excuse is rarely ever believable, but Usher does have a Las Vegas residency slated to start on July 16 and all of the Usher bills actually do promote Usher: The Vegas Experience on them.

Honestly, it’s actually a pretty smart move. What’s better promotion than getting the whole world laughing at you for paying dancers with UshBucks? Exactly. Nothing.

Junkee has reached out to Usher’s team for comment and confirmation.