Please Enjoy The Very Wholesome Moment The Unearthed High Winner Realises She Won


Triple J Unearthed High Winner 2019

It’s very easy to get cynical about the music industry, what with its bigwigs and its obsession with money and chart positions. But then something like Unearthed High comes along, and all those critical thoughts briefly evaporate.

For those out of the loop, Unearthed High is an initiative by triple j that encourages teens to share their music. Young ‘uns from all around the country upload their singles to the Unearthed website. From there, five finalists are selected, out of which one winner is chosen by you the public.

Unearthed High has only grown in size since it first launched, and this year was the biggest yet. A staggering 1500 songs were uploaded to the website, touching on every genre from indie pop to raucous death metal.

Well, after a long and exhaustive search, the winner of Unearthed High 2019 has been picked: George Alice, a young high schooler from South Australia.

The 16-year-old’s single ‘Circles‘ is a layered and beautiful slice of melancholia, a mature banger that sounds like the kind of thing you drop when you’re five years into your career, not the very outset of it.

Indeed, the director of Unearthed Dave Ruby Howe is positively brimming with nice things to say about the teen. “In a wickedly competitive field this year, South Australian student George Alice made her voice heard with, well, that voice,” Howe said in a statement.

If that wasn’t heartwarming enough, take a look at the precise moment that the young singer discovered that her life would be changed forever.

The young musician doesn’t just win a meeting with Ben and Liam, mind you. She’s also bagged the chance to fly to triple j to record the song, not to mention a series of meetings with a to-be-announced “celebrity mentor”.

And goddamn does she deserve it.