Tyler, The Creator Used His Grammys Win To End A Nine Year Feud With A Random Hater On Twitter

That's true dedication.

Tyler, The Creator hits back at Twitter random

There’s patience, and then there’s Tyler, The Creator.

The ‘Earfquake’ rapper took home the Grammy award for Best Rap Album at this past weekend’s star-studded celebrity. That’s a big get for Tyler, who has had one of the biggest years of his career, going from crude anarchist outsider to genuine pop sensation.

But it also allowed the man to play a trick some nine years in the making.

See, way back in 2011, a random Twitter user took time out of their day to tell Tyler, The Creator that he would never win a Grammy. “dont b too excited,” the user wrote. “u wont get one…”

Last night, almost a decade later, Tyler finally got the opportunity to respond.

Funnier still, hours before Tyler dropped his dunk on “Mark”, the Twitter user was still taking time out of his day to have a go at the rapper. Nine years later, and the man had not yet stopped hating. That, you have to respect — that’s proper dedication.

In any case, let’s all bask in the beauty of the long game. There’s nothing quite like it.