Troye Sivan’s New Song ‘Bloom’ Is A Glorious Ode To Bottoming

A song about bottoming could soon be topping the charts.

Bloom Troye Sivan

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This just in: Troye Sivan has released a new single, and it’s about bottoming.

The track is called ‘Bloom’, and it arrived yesterday afternoon as the third single from the Perth singers’ impending second album. And if there was any tune we could comfortably describe as a ~banger~, it’s this one: “Take a trip into my garden,” Sivan opens with. “I’ve got so much to show ya/The fountains and the waters/Are begging just to know ya.”

While Sivan has been winking and insisting the song is about flowers, let’s be real — this is a straight up ode to being on the receiving end of anal sex for the first time. Just have a squiz at the pre-chorus:

Cause it’s true, babe
I been saving this for you, baby
Tell me right before it goes down
Hold my hand if I get scared now

“I wrote it with [songwriter] Leland and we were dying laughing and just having the best time writing it,” he told Popjustice back in February. “Lyrically I think it’s the most subversively queer song on the album. That’s kind of what makes me like it so much — it’s almost like a little inside joke.”

“I wanna play that song at every Pride,” he added in a recent interview with Dazed. “There’s almost a radicalism in just truth, you know? The most radical thing that I can do is share how happy I am.”

It looks like Troye’s leaning into the inside joke now anyway:

Apart from the fact that ‘Bloom’ is a gem of a track, it’s quite wonderful to think a song about bottoming could soon be topping the charts (at the time of writing it’s #9 on iTunes.)

Dive into ‘Bloom’ below.