Trisha Paytas Has Gifted Us With Some Incredible ‘Elizabeth Holmes Does Your Blood Test’ ASMR

"Oh, are you having some sort of reaction to that? Let me check ... your face."

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Trisha Paytas has just gifted us with the one ASMR video to rule them all: Elizabeth Holmes does your blood test. (Everything is wrong.) 

The controversial YouTuber, who is famously immune to cancel culture, nails Holmes’ trademark messy blonde bun, black eyeliner and bright red lipstick to a tee — and, of course, the classic Jobsian turtleneck.

The 18-minute video, which positions the viewer as the unfortunate recipient of a blood test from Elizabeth Holmes, is packed with easter eggs for anyone who has followed the Theranos founder’s fall from grace, including a Walgreens bag, trademark green smoothie in a plastic cup, and the line, “first they laugh at you, then you change the world”, an approximation of a Nicholas Klein quote that Holmes seemed really into.

Stand out lines include “this is the future, this is everything” and “unlike our competitors who literally want to drain all your blood, we take your blood without taking your blood.”

In case you missed it, Elizabeth Holmes founded Theranos, a blood testing company, as a 19-year-old uni dropout. Holmes claimed that she had invented a machine called The Edison that was able to run blood tests using very small quantities of blood, but as it turns out, the machine didn’t work.

The company sourced million of dollars from venture capitalists and private investors before eventually being found out for fraud and conspiracy. It inspired the true crime podcast series known as The Dropout and a TV series of the same name.

Watch Trisha’s video below.