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1975 Singer Matt Healy Just Dragged Triple J For Umm, Promoting Their Australian Tour

"Play our music before you start licking our arse."

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Lead singer of The 1975 Matt Healy has attacked youth radio broadcaster Triple J after the station promoted the band’s upcoming Australia tour.

Triple J eagerly took to social media today to share news that the English pop-rock group are playing their first Australian shows since 2016. They probably weren’t expecting to instantly cop heat from Healy, who promptly told the broadcaster to “fuck off” while labelling the “head of the company” as a “knobhead”, but life comes at you fast!

Reiterating himself again on Instagram, Healy clarified the source of his malcontent after insisting that the station “play our music before you start licking our arse”. According to the @triplejplays account, the station has been playing tracks from the band since 2019 — but presumably that’s not enough!

Granted, the list of artists that feel glanced over by Australia’s youth radio station is very long — but the world’s smallest violin concerto should accompany any complaints from a band as successful as The 1975 who feel scorned that they haven’t gotten enough airtime from a foreign country’s national radio station.

Healy has gotten in hot water on Twitter before, with the lead singer resorting to deactivating his official account after being criticised for promoting his music in a post about the Black Lives Matter movement.