Watch Triple J’s Ben And Liam Get Royally Pranked With An “Exclusive” Kendrick Lamar Interview

The prankees become the pronked.

Last week, triple j’s breakfast duo Ben and Liam pranked their new boss with two 6am wake-up calls, straight to air: and now, the prankers have become the pronked.

The battle began during the duo’s ‘Wednesday Morning Wake-Up Call’ segment. Liam and Ben were challenged by a listener to call up triple j’s music director Lachlan Macara, who’s been their boss for just a few weeks — what followed was a pretty awkward couple of minutes.

After waking him by blasting Evanescence’s ‘Bring Me To Life’ down the line, Macara sounded less than enthused, deadpanning that they should come see him in their office at 9am before hanging up.

As reported by, the 10 minutes following the segment was all music, before a ‘producer’ took the air to say Ben and Liam were on the phone to Macara after some “backlash”. When they returned, they laughed it off — and the next day, they called him again to apologise on-air, which went about as well as you’d think.

Turns out Macara was biding his time: yesterday, he promised the boys an exclusive Kendrick Lamar interview, and the first play of a new track.

Of course, they filmed the whole thing, capturing the boys’ nerves as they await one of the biggest interviews of their careers. Things don’t quite match up when Kendrick’s audio-ripped answers sound a little off — then in comes an Evanescence rick roll.

This is the classic radio prank content that makes your day. Watch it below.