Video Of Mildura Couple Abusing Aboriginal Family Goes Viral With #TooStrongForYouKaren

A video of a Mildura couple hurling racist abuse at an Aboriginal family, accusing them of not being Aboriginal, has gone viral this weekend.

Mildura couple hurls racist abuse

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Footage has emerged of a Mildura couple abusing an Aboriginal family in their home in northwest Victoria this weekend, as SBS reports.

In the video, which has racked up more than 260K views, Karen Ridge failed to tear the Aboriginal flag off the back of a car belonging to the family. Robby Wirramanda, filming the altercation, noted, “It’s too strong for you, Karen,”

He went on to call Ridge a “racist pig”, before she and Rob Vigors questioned his Aboriginality because of the colour of his skin. “This is going viral. I want to show racists like you to the world,” Wirramanda continued.

“People like you make a mockery of true Aboriginals,” Vigors said. “I have a lot of good Aboriginal friends”

After yet again demanding that the family take the flag off their car, Ridge concluded: “Go and live in your fuckin’ humpy down the river.”

The video was shared to Twitter by Wirramanda’s child on Saturday, who coined the hashtag #TooStrongForYouKaren.

They confirmed that the matter has been reported to police and released a statement from their mum, Jackie.

“This happened to my family last night. These racists behaved this way in front of my children. They entered our garage where I was painting and started their racist rant. This is not the first time racism has reared its ugly head with these two either. I feel sickened, as does my family. Trying to stay positive right now. Thank you to everyone who has supported us at this time.”

While the hashtag continued to trend on Sunday, Wirramanda’s child has started to turn the abuse into a meme.

Other people online have also made fun of the character of ‘Karen’.

The confronting incident again highlights the way white Australia questions and prejudices fair-skinned Aboriginal people. It’s revolting.