Tony Abbott Has A New Job Promoting The Benefits Of Western Civilisation

The new organisation is backed by a big Liberal donor.

Tony Abbott keeps finding new ways to keep himself busy, and some of them don’t even involve openly trolling Malcolm Turnbull. The former Prime Minister has updated his register of interests to declare a new role on the advisory board of the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation.

According to Abbott’s declaration, the centre “seeks to promote a more widespread study and understanding of the Western canon.” Cool. If there’s one thing that needs more appreciation and understanding it’s the literature of dead white guys from Europe.


An excerpt from Tony Abbott’s register of interests.

The Ramsay Centre was established by the Paul Ramsay Foundation, a philanthropic organisation funded by the founder of Ramsay Health Care, a private hospital operator. According to a job ad for the Centre’s CEO, the organisation is seeking to establish degrees in Western Civilisation at three Australian universities, school programs and fundraising initiatives.

Abbott’s new gig isn’t the only link between the Ramsay group and the conservative side of politics. Since 2004 Ramsay Holdings (the major shareholder in Ramsay Health Care), and Ramsay Health Care itself, have collectively donated more than $2 million to the Liberal and National parties. Ramsay Health Care has also donated $450,000 to the controversial Free Enterprise Foundation.

The ex-PM is also a member of the Ukraine International Advisory Council, which seeks to “promote a strong and prosperous country”. We assume that country is Ukraine, though it isn’t specified.

Exciting times ahead for Tony as he promotes the interests of both Western Civilisation and Ukraine. Can’t wait to see what he gets up too.