Some Hero Has Decorated This Bust Of Tony Abbott With A Crown Made Of Onions


Tony Abbott

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Of all our recent PMs, few were quite as gaffe-prone as the Honourable Tony Abbott.

There was the time he said no one could be “the suppository of all wisdom”. There was the time he said Indigenous people living in remote communities were making a “lifestyle choice”. There was the time he decided to make Prince Phillip a knight, because why the hell not!

Still, of all of Abbott’s many, many public fuckups, none can hold a candle to the time he ate that onion.

Onions have since become synonymous with the Abbott era, with many citizens even “putting out their onions” when Tony was ousted by Malcolm Turnbull during the great libspill of 2015.

Over the weekend, one patriotic Australian living in Ballarat, Victoria took his tribute to the next level, decorating a brand new bust of Abbott in the city’s botanical gardens with a full-blown onion crown.

Ballarat City mayor Samantha McIntosh was less than impressed, telling The Courierthere should be absolute respect for the position of prime minister.”

“Vandalism graffiti and rude behaviour should not be tolerated, there is a cost associated each time someone tampers with ratepayer and taxpayer funded infrastructure,” she added.

Wait…do you mean our tax dollars paid for this bloody thing?!

A number of notes were also been stuck to the base of the bronze sculpture, including one featuring a quote from former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser calling Abbott “perhaps one of the most dangerous politicians in Australian history.”

Well played, Ballarat. Well played.