Stupid Man Tony Abbott Bet Someone $100 The Climate Won’t Change In The Next 10 Years

Easy money.

Tony Abbott

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Former Prime Minister and current idiot Tony Abbott has bet $100 that the world’s climate will not change in the next ten years, and I honestly don’t know what bothers me more: the arrogance or the stupidity.

In a piece published by The Guardian on Tuesday, writer Cassie Flanagan Willanski described an encounter she had with Abbott in a cafe in Manly last week that will surely end with her pocketing the easiest 100 bucks she ever made.

“I went over to his table and said, ‘Hi, excuse me for interrupting your lunch’,” wrote Willanski. “Abbott and his associate were gracious, until I began, ‘I have a six-year-old daughter’.”

According to Willanski, the pair debated the need for action on climate change, with Abbott insisting Willanski’s daughter would not be better off if her mother lost her job in a weakened economy. He also said he disagreed that the world was facing a climate emergency.

“I interrupted him and said, ‘I know you disagree’,” Willanski wrote. “‘I just wanted to go on record as having asked you to take climate change seriously. I want to be able to tell my daughter in the future that I took a shot when I had the chance’.”

“At this point, the encounter took a turn for the bizarre. He offered to bet me $100 the climate would not change in 10 years and I accepted.”

Willanski said she agreed to the bet because it seemed Abbott was “eager to go on record as a) completely ignorant of climate science and b) completely dismissive of a parent and her concerns for her child’s future”.

She added that she has already donated the $100 to the Australian Youth Climate Coalition. “I gave away my winnings 10 years in advance because I knew I’d won this ridiculous, offensive bet as soon as it was made”.

In a Facebook post, the AYCC said members of the Coalition have proven they’re “not smart enough to listen to experts or the community on this issue” and that “we need leaders who will treat climate change with the urgency and maturity it deserves”.