Tommy Lee’s Dick Was On Instagram For Nearly Four Hours

Sex workers can't post bikini photos but Tommy Lee can post his whole dick on Instagram.

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Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee has send the internet into absolute shambles after posting a full-blown dick pic on Instagram with zero context.

For reasons unclear to literally any of us, Lee took to Instagram on Thursday to share a not-at-all subtle photo of his dick, alongside the caption “Ooooopppsss.”

It’s never been a secret that Lee is well endowed, heck, his dick even got its own storyline and cameo in the recent Disney+ series Pam And Tommy. But let me tell you, I could’ve lived the rest of my life perfectly content having only ever seen the weird animatronic peen donned by Sebastian Stan.

And in a strange twist of fate from the platform that quite literally has me on my last strike for making too many jokes about getting naked on the main, Instagram left the post up for hours.

If you’ve ever spoken to a sex worker, you’d know that any sort of nudity — or even implied nudity — usually gets zucked within minutes of posting.

But not Tommy’s.

The post was up for nearly four hours before eventually getting deleted, but Tommy’s account remains active.

Lee also changed his Instagram bio to promote his new album, so it can be assumed the photo was part of a publicity stunt.

As is to be expected, social media became particularly unhinged in the immediate aftermath of the photo’s publication.

Others have been quick to point out the double standard that Tommy Lee can post full frontal nudes while sex workers continue to be penalised for it.

Tommy Lee’s rise in popularity off the back of Pam And Tommy and his now-public nudity comes after a string of criminal charges including, but not limited to, the time he spent four months in prison for spousal abuse against then-wife Pamela Anderson.