‘Quaran-Tina’ Arena Keeps Going Live On Instagram, And It’s An Absolute Blessing

Come for the pun, stay for the nonna impressions.

Tina Arena's instagram lives are perfect

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Not-so elusive chanteuse Tina Arena has rebranded as ‘Quaran-Tina Arena’, posting COVID-19 updates and hosting Instagram lives from her home — and it’s an absolute delight.

Today was the second episode of Quaran-Tina Time (that’s not what she calls it, but it works, right), and she called her Young Talent Time mentor Jonny Young for a chat about the current state of events, offering public health announcements advising her followers and friends to stay inside.

It was incredibly heart-warming, with the two also covering anecdotes from social media they’ve seen — stay on-board to watch Arena re-create a video of an Italian nonna drinking Limoncello and saying “fuck you Coronavirus”.

Arena also echoed what we’ve all been feeling around the government’s silence on helping Australia’s artists through this difficult time, saying they are a “crucial part” of Australia’s healing.

“Art is the gatekeeper of any society, whatever form it comes in,” she said. “It’s going to play a big, big role. That’s why it super important at the moment that the government really does everything that they can to help the artistic community, because they’re going to be a crucial part of everybody’s mental health and their healing, moving forward.”

Unfortunately, there was no live concert this time around, but Arena’s keen to keep going live — may we suggest a performance of ‘Chains’? The context certainly changes the meaning.

Catch Arena live on Instagram, and revisit her inarguably iconic duet with The Veronicas.