“I Still Call Australia Homophobic”: Tim Minchin’s New Song Slams The Govt On Marriage Equality

"Pollies need to do their bloody jobs and change the law."

Tim Minchin

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In the wake of an extraordinarily demoralising and baffling week of Australian politics, Tim Minchin’s released a song dedicated celebrating marriage equality and slamming the government’s proposed postal plebiscite.

Titled ‘I Still Call Australia Homophobic’, Minchin’s song is a parody of Peter Allen’s iconic ‘I Still Call Australia Home’ and pretty perfectly summarises much of the rage and confusion people are feeling at the moment.

I’m always travelling but wherever I stay, people love Aussies and they generally say…

They think we’re kind, fun and funny; tall, tanned and toned; and a little bit racist and a little bit homophobic. 

It’s bad enough these pollie assholes pass discriminatory laws, now we’re forced to dance the plebiscite jig.

But on the upside, this plebiscite might enlighten us — at least we’ll know exactly how many Aussies are bigoted cunts. Yay stats! 

Some day we’ll be together once more, once they do their bloody jobs and change the fucking law.

Then Carrie can marry Sally, Ben can bum Tone in the marriage bed in their Aussie home. 

You can shove your cherry-picked bible passage up your puckered bottom

Your attempt to keep Australia in the past will be a failure, because most of Australia ain’t homophobic.

The song was recorded on his iPhone last night and uploaded to social media this morning. Naturally, it’s racking up the likes and shares…

Weighing in on the debate about whether or not activists should boycott a vote, Minchin adds slides at the end of the video stating he thinks the plebiscite is “noxious and obnoxious”. “Polls show that Aussies are overwhelmingly in favour of marriage equality. Not that it should matter… it’s not fucking X-Factor. But if the horrid thing goes ahead, let’s drown the mofos in “yes” votes,” he writes.

“The condescending shits think by making it postal, young people won’t vote. Prove them wrong.”

On that point, make sure you’re enrolled to vote/your address is listed correctly here!