Meet The TikTok Star Who Turns Internet Beef Into Catchy Pop Hits

Never has a fight over a broccoli casserole recipe between some boomers sounded this damn catchy.

Lubalin TikTok creator broccoli stealing bitch

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The internet is a den of iniquity, filled both with people having mundane fights over pivotal matters and pivotal fights over mundane matters. But hey, it’s not all bad — at least it’s grist for the mill for Lubalin, a viral Canadian TikTok star who turns petty spats into sensual bangers.

Lubalin, who, as Buzzfeed reports, is an experimental musician in his own right, has skyrocketed to international fame recently thanks for his knack when it comes to turning comments sections into Frank Ocean-esque pop hits.

If you know him, it’s almost certainly for his most recent video, in which he turns a verbal boxing match between a couple of boomers over a broccoli casserole recipe into a work of poignant beauty and rage. The thing’s gone massively viral on just about every social media platform, from TikTok itself to Twitter.

And for good reason. It’s funny, but no mere novelty; that chorus will get its hooks in you and then stay there for weeks. I mean, just watch:

But as the title of that viral clip niftily implies, this is not Lubalin’s first merry-go-round when it comes to this artform. Indeed, as far as I’m concerned, his debut was his masterpiece, a rattling banger based on a conversation between two people on Facebook marketplace that culminates in threats to call the Attorney General.

So next time you’re having a brawl with a stranger — or even a recipe-stealin’ bitch who used to be your friend — just think, “at least this might turn into a work of art one day.”